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Santander Press Release December 2012






A local charity is celebrating after receiving £9,996 from the Santander Foundation so that they can continue to provide opportunities to people with learning difficulties in West Lancashire.

Timesavers provide work experience to local people with learning difficulties by providing an administration service for local voluntary organisations.  The donation will cover the cost of sessional workers, office rental and other running expenses, meaning the charity can remain operational for the next 12 months.

Edward McCarthy, Secretary and Trustee at Timesavers said: “We are delighted that the Santander Foundation is supporting us with this very generous donation.  People with learning difficulties can struggle to find employment but thanks to the donation, we will be able to continue providing work experience and other opportunities to residents in West Lancashire.”

Anoushka Brown, Communications Manager at Santander said: “The Santander Foundation makes hundreds of donations every year to good causes around the UK to support disadvantaged people through education and training projects.  We were impressed with the work of Timesavers and we are pleased to be supporting them.”

Santander Foundation

The Santander Foundation works closely with charities and voluntary organisations, particularly in areas where Santander has a significant presence.  This year the Foundation will donate £4.5 million to charities.  Donations can be given to projects that support disadvantaged people through; education and training; and financial capability.  £36 million has been contributed to the community since 1990.

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