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Timesavers January 2018 AGM

Here is our January 2018 AGM Chairman’s Report:

Chairman’s Report for Timesavers 7th Annual General Meeting.

Held on 16th January 2018.

Our seventh year of operation has again proved successful with the help of funding received once again from the Yapp Foundation for the Office Rent, Trusthouse, Percy Bilton for Equipment, Warburtons, Villages in Partnership, WLBC Community Chest, Community Foundation, Community Link Foundation, LCC Local Members Grants and Awards for All together with income from sales of greetings cards and shredding work.

We have maintained good links with other charities and voluntary groups in Certacs House and West Lancs who are giving us some admin work and shredding for our clients to do.

Thanks to Dot the sales of the greetings cards we produce and the money raised has been used to help with our running costs.

The client numbers have stayed the same over the past year with some attending on a regular basis for up to 8 hours a week using support from their Personal Assistants for part of the week as well as our Sessional Support Workers from EMSS, Divine Days and Linkability.

Also links have been maintained with statuary and other bodies including West Lancs CVS and Lancashire Social Services.

I would like to thank Edward for his assistance with Funding Applications and maintaining our website.

Finally I would to thank our committee of volunteers and the sessional support staff for their help and assistance over the past year.